Zone Tracking

- May 08, 2017-

Zone tracking

Area tracking means that if an object enters the setting area of a surveillance camera, tracking its trajectory, tracking out of range, the monitoring camera automatically returns, and a new round of tracking at the observation point. The area tracking function is mainly applicable to the environment of monitoring objects or moving objects less, and if a moving person or object enters the camera's monitoring range, the camera automatically tracks it, but it cannot lock the specific person or target. When multiple objects are moved simultaneously in the monitoring area, the surveillance cameras will throw the target object.

Locking tracing, which is when the user specifies the target, the monitoring camera automatically tracks the motion trajectory of the object. The locking tracing technique is realized through the template matching algorithm. It is in the square such a large range, high flow of the area can also have a good monitoring effect, as long as the manual locking of the target tracked, even if there are other mobile objects in the monitoring area will not be locked in the target.

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