The Working Method Of 4G Cellular Game Camera

- Mar 14, 2018-

                                      the working method of 4G cellular game camera

Many people first heard about cellular ghost trail camera. The first reaction might be: How does it work?

In fact, the camera does not launch bullets to hit. Instead, it uses the principle of passive infrared radiation to take pictures or video for hunters to track and monitor. At present, hunting cameras are widely used for hunting and outdoor security.

It is well known that animals and humans have infrared radiation. Infrared radiation is invisible to the naked eye, but infrared radiation can be detected by the PIR device of a hunting camera, ie, a passive infrared detector. The detector itself does not emit any energy. Only passively receive and detect infrared radiation from the environment. After the hunting camera enters the working mode, the PIR device works but the camera does not work and only enters the standby state. Once infrared radiation comes in, PIR is triggered, thereby awaking the camera to take a picture or video.

For 4G cellular function, camera will search stable network and signal, at the same time, get local time, then send out pictures from SD card via MMS or Data service.

at present, SMTP function( Email function) it is not friendly to use, it is easy to refuse similar email sending out.

FTP server will not do that.

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