The Newest Model BL480L-P Wild Camera Was Updated With SMS Remote Control Function.

- Aug 28, 2017-

The Newest model BL480L-P Wild Camera was updated with SMS remote control function.

SMS REMOTE CONTROL.jpgSMS remote control 02.jpg

Inter the On sub-menu,input the interval time.the camera will wake up each interval time and receive the instruct.

The instruct can be make by both cell phone and APP.

Forexample:SMS control interval 30 mins.the camera will reveive your instruct each 30mins.please note the camera not alwasy wake up,so that it can save the battery power.


*All the SMS content starts with “menu,”(Note:the , must be in english status)


Indicated code:menu,M2,L4,IS0,VR1,S2,V20,I10,MP1;78787878GP1;

Indicated:Picture+video,Deutsch,12MP picture,720P video,2P,20second video,Interval 10second,mobile number78787878,email address

Please find the SMS receipt content in the list.

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