The Newest Balever BL480L-P Was Improved With EC25 Communication Module

- Jul 20, 2017-

The Newest Balever BL480L-P was improved with EC25 Communication module

Newest BL480L-P 4G Hunting Cameraswas improved by the EC25 Communication module.that's a great 

progress in the field of MMS hunting camera.

1)BL480L-P will support 4G network and sending 30M video.that's a big volume file 

compare with the 2G/3G network game camera.that's mean BL480L-P will support send 

about 30second video and the original HD picture.30second video will be more helpful

for the hunter or security.

2)BL480L-P Camera will support Andrio and ISO APP.

The user can reprogram the camera via the APP.For example change the language,shooting number,

the video lenght and interval.user not need to go into the forest setting camera again.

3)BL480L-P Camera will support SMS function.

That's mean user can reprogram the camera via the cell phone message.

for example:change language,shooting number,video lenght and so on.

4)BL480L-P Camera will support FTP.

The camera can be send the picture and video to the FTP account.of couse user need

to register a FTP account at first.if you have no that a account,we can try to 

offer to you.please note it's rechargeable.

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