- May 08, 2017-

Sensitivity is a 32000K color temperature, 2000LUX illuminance in light of the reflection coefficient with 89-90 gray card, with camera shooting, the image level reaches the specified value, the desired aperture index F,F value, the higher the sensitivity.

The sensitivity of DXC-537 is: 2000LUX F8.0 (32000K,89.5%).

The higher the sensitivity of the lowest illumination, the higher the quality of the camera. If the illuminance is too low or too high, the camera's image will get worse.

Low illuminance may appear inert trailing.

The image "flowering" occurs when the illuminance is too high.

Camera tube-type cameras, not directly to the glare and the sun shoot, otherwise will cause the camera tube burns. CCD camera is not inert or burn phenomenon, can be directed at the Sun.

Analytic force

The general use of clarity to express, that is, the screen can be distinguished by the number of TV lines, divided into horizontal and vertical clarity. And on the indicator is the central part of the clarity.

DXC-537: The horizontal clarity is 700 TV lines.

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