Principle Of Mobile Tracking Technology

- May 08, 2017-

The mobile tracking technique is based on the intelligent recognition, and the image is computed by difference. Automatically identifies the moving direction of the target in the visual range, and controls the PTZ to the moving target tracking the target in the range of the intelligent high-speed sphere into the time of departure, through the configured high-definition automatic zoom lens, so that all movements are clearly transmitted to the monitoring center. As soon as the alarm occurs in a region, other relevant intelligent high-speed balls will automatically rotate to the alarm point to start tracing, ensuring that the monitoring image can record the moving whole process of the target object.

For the monitoring ball machine, the mobile tracking function can not be controlled through the backend software platform, as long as the front-end can automatically complete the task of tracking. When the target object enters the sphere of vision, the ball machine can automatically recognize the direction of the target movement, and control the rotation of the PTZ, to track the moving target, so that the object is located in the Shan-surface center, and can enlarge the target automatically. Automatic tracking continues to the visual range of the target leaving the ball machine, returning the ball machine to the original observation point for the next tracking.

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