Hunting Trail Camera Introduction

- Mar 14, 2018-

Hunting Camera Profile:

Hunting cameras are usually called trail cameras. They use heat-sensing animal (body) sensing technology to automatically shoot high-resolution pictures and smooth videos.

The hunting camera is fixed on the tree tiltly, once an animal or someboby passes by, it will automatically take pictures. Record their activities in this PIR dectecting range and we will know if there are any recent animals in this area.

Generally, the hunting trail camera is in an energy-saving state when the animal (human body) is not detected, and the power consumption is very low, but it can be in an alert state for a long time. It can also automatically capture high-quality images or record clear video clips. The size of hunting camera is generally small and can be used as a portable digital camera. The performance is stable and reliable. it can worked in -30℃ cold weather.(generally guaranteed value is -20°C).

The main function:
Ultra-fast start (infrared sensing) camera,
High anti-interference, high stability PIR system (with temperature compensation),
Very low power consumption and long standby time, with automatic anti-theft function (with lock, wire rope, password), small size, with weatherproof function.

The main purpose:
Hunting, Forestry and Animal Research Society, home security applications.

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