Horizontal Clarity

- May 08, 2017-

450 TV lines with vertical clarity (without EVs)

530 TV Line (with EVs)

The vertical sharpness enhancement system of EVS

This indicator is also an important indicator of camera quality.

The decomposition force of the previous camera tubes is higher, but the decomposition force of the CCD film has greatly improved, and almost completely replaces the camera tubes.

Geometric distortion

As with the geometric distortion of TV, cameras also have geometric distortion, the camera is due to the lens of the optical system and camera tube scanning, deflection circuit, for CCD, if not to consider the lens distortion, itself without geometric distortion. (The general indicator is marked: Geometric distortion: below measurable level)

Geometric distortion is expressed as a percentage of the screen height with distortion. In general, there are more than 1% in all three tubes, several geometric distortion forms and regional divisions.

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