Distinction Between Locking And Moving Tracking

- May 08, 2017-

Locking traces can be set to manual locking and automatic locking. A manual locking trace selects a box on the screen to track the target by the mouse, locking it. Whether the target is moving or stationary, the other moving objects are tracked automatically and quickly and smoothly. This function is suitable for security monitoring in complex environment.

Moving auto-locked tracking automatically tracks the first moving target, who is moving first. If the first moving target stops and has a second target move, the second move target is tracked automatically. This function is suitable for unattended occasions, such as Treasury, Arsenal, power stations and other important places.

To illustrate, in fact, in large meetings, the image recognition linkage tracking, speech recognition linkage tracking and IR identification linkage tracking. In short, the powerful mobile tracking technology becomes one of the main technology of intelligent camera.

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