Differential Imaging Element

- May 08, 2017-

Imaging elements are like the human retina, which is the core part of the camera. At present, China is not capable of manufacturing, the market most of the cameras are Japanese Sony, SHARP, Panasonic and other companies produced chips, South Korea also has the ability to produce, but the quality is less. The more common imaging components are CCD (also CMOS). The main distinction between CCD is color, size and brand.

(1) The CCD chips can be classified into color and black and white, and color is applicable to distinguish the scenery detail, such as distinguishing the color of clothing or scenery. Black and white is suitable for areas where light is insufficient and the lighting equipment cannot be installed at night, and the price is low.

(2) The CCD chip can be divided into the following sizes according to the target size:

The size of the CCD target is directly related to the size of the camera's angle of view, and the control degree has a certain influence, which is irrelevant to clarity. The larger the size of the CCD chips, the higher the price. The chips used are most cost-effective 1/3 inches and 1/4 inches.

3 The mainstream brand of CCD chips has the following:

Many businessmen in the market claim to use Sony CCD, secretly but with SHARPCCD bait switch. Send samples to use standard or promised goods, shipped with low-end substitute or mixed shipments. This is also the purchase need to be noticed. Products must be checked in place, especially when the purchase price is significantly lower than the normal price of the product. But usually there is a "tear-off" sticker on the camera, so that many engineers have misgivings. We recommend that you buy large brands, and in the authorized regular dealers to purchase, in addition to the batch in the random demolition machine Check the brand and size of CCD.

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