Balever 4G LTE Hunting Cameras Born!

- May 25, 2017-

Balever 4G LTE Hunting Cameras Born!

The first hunting camera manufacturer who can supply the 4G model--BL480L-P.

BL480L-P with the 4G LTE network,with European(E Version)and American(A Version).E version include all the European 

countries,for example:Germany/France/Norway/Sweden/Denmark/Spain/Russia/Italy/Czech/Lithuania/Slovak/Poland.....and the

Australia and New Zealand will be include E version.A version include American and Canada.

BL480L-P support send original HD picture(1200k) and VGA video(6 second),it will be more help and funny for the hunter.

The improve function is the Mushroom share GPS antenna,stronger signal in the will read the local information

when the 4G hunting cameras in the test model.the local information will be print on the picture.more help for the hunter.

BL480L-P 03 M antenna.jpg

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