What camera lens is used to shoot wild animals

- May 08, 2017-

For the lens, it must be a telephoto; "What camera lens" is the first to look at your budget. If the budget tens of thousands of words, can consider the SLR, 30,000 below, choose a 3,000 or so long Jiao Ji calculate. Because the SLR, the telephoto lens is very expensive, a telephoto lens, the price is more than 10,000%.

With full-format SLR Canon 5D second-generation computation, the fuselage is 16000 yuan, the lens choose the lower price of the long Jiao Jia can ef 400MM F5.6 L USM Price is 10,000, its equivalent focal length is 400mm, I am afraid to shoot wild animals too short, the last 800mm lens, it is not ordinary people can enjoy.

If you consider the weight of a telephoto function, it is better to consider a telephoto machine. As Canon SX40, its equivalent focal length reaches 840mm, super long.

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