Tracking system mainly evolutionary stage

- May 08, 2017-

1, artificial shooting: need to be equipped with specialized audio-visual photographers on the scene to the teacher and students shooting, need to keep moving camera seat, push pull camera tracking shooting teacher; The camera needs to continually adjust to the students answering questions. Artificial way time-consuming, laborious, maki, no automation, intellectualization can speak.

2, infrared tracking: The teacher needs to wear infrared microphones, the classroom needs to install infrared tracking host, through the teacher's infrared microphone signal, the driver of the camera to track the teacher; Student positioning needs to use a speaker or remote control way, in answering questions between the students to pass an infrared microphone, or by the teacher to operate the remote control camera to the students positioning shooting. Infrared method is susceptible to strong light interference, is very sensitive to occlusion, easy to cause tracking target loss, and requires teachers and students to participate in operation, affecting the teacher's teaching mentality and normal classroom order.

3, Intelligent Tracking: Install the Special Analysis camera, collecting the scene of the classroom, through the artificial intelligence and Pattern recognition algorithm automatically identify the teacher and the student standing, automatically calculate the teacher and student space position, and then drive the camera to realize teacher tracking and student positioning. This method avoids the disadvantages of artificial shooting and IR tracking, strong anti-interference ability, the tracking target will not be lost, teachers do not wear any equipment, students do not participate in operation, to maximize the need to meet the normal teaching, is fully automatic, intelligent high-tech tracking technology.

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