Minimum illuminance

- May 08, 2017-

Minimum illumination is a measure of surveillance cameras, another important indicator, in many areas of security monitoring, surveillance cameras may work under any conditions, so the camera in the environment is uncertain, so some projects need to monitor the camera with low illuminance characteristics. The minimum illumination is easy to understand as to monitor the camera's ability to work in a dark environment.

Minimum illuminance can also be called sensitivity, because there is no uniform standards in the industry, so users can not fully rely on the value of product descriptions, as their own purchasing equipment standards. Currently in the market for surveillance cameras, most of the two imaging results are supported, namely black-and-white and color, because in black-and-white mode, the camera has no chroma processing, only the light and strong sense of induction, so the camera in black and white mode, can adapt to the light of the weaker environment use.

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