IR Lamp

- May 08, 2017-

Since all walks of life to the monitoring system requirements different, so the use of surveillance cameras is changeable, some industries such as road traffic, finance, etc., need to monitor the camera in the state of 7 * 24 hours work. In the dark night, even if the surveillance cameras have the characteristics of the lowest illuminance, but for the final imaging effect will definitely be compromised, how to improve the monitoring cameras at night working ability, also become the user to buy the important issues to consider.

At present, many surveillance cameras are equipped with infrared lamps, through the use of light source to improve the effectiveness of surveillance cameras at night, but because the infrared lamp life is generally shorter, also become the impact on the security monitoring of the use of the industry, there is no more sophisticated technology to improve this situation, and also become a number of manufacturers in the future direction of efforts.

Surveillance cameras technology can continue to improve, as the monitoring system of "visual part", the main function is to provide a clear picture, users do not need to blindly pursue some flashy features, as long as the screen to ensure clear, return to the most primitive needs.

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