Image sensors

- May 08, 2017-

As an important part of the surveillance camera, the quality of the image sensor directly affects the display effect of the final image. The CCD sensor occupies the dominant position in the application of the surveillance cameras in the past, it has the advantages of high Snr, strong color reduction ability, strong permeability and low impact distortion, widely used in public transportation and financial field. But with the difficulty of technology, high cost and power consumption, it also restricts the market scale, and gradually walks up the downhill. CMOS image sensors with low power consumption, high integration, fast, low-cost advantages, rapid development, so that the original intelligence in the low-end monitoring of the field of it, also gradually expanded to high-end field,

Pixels are the basic unit of the image, and if you enlarge the image indefinitely, you will find that the whole image is made up of a small square point, and these dots are pixels.

Horizontal resolution is the standard of image clarity, in the radio and television industry, video vertical resolution in more than 720p or 1080i can be called HD.

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