FAQ on 4G cellular Game camera

- Mar 13, 2018-

                                         FAQ on 4G cellular Game camera

A. Game camera can not detect small animal.

Solution: Please use High PIR sensitivity


B. It seems that ghost camera has much slower trigger speed.

Solution: when using default setting to test trigger speed or make comparison with other cameras, please use High PIR sensitivity.


C. hunting camera can not recognize SIM card

Solution: Please check there is any PIN lock on SIM card. If so, please delete the lock.


D.    After inserting SIM card, there is no signal bar

Solution: Please check battery power is enough or not, when searching signal server, camera need higher power.


E.     After setting up menu.cfg, and turn wild camera from OFF to ON mode, there is no picture arrives.

Solution: Please turn camera from OFF to TEST mode first, then camera will read menu.cfg, after camera recognizes SIM card and get signal bar and operator, then please turn to ON mode.


F.     In too cold weather, please use LOW PIR sensitivity, if temperature is close to 37℃,please use HIGH PIR sensitity

G.   when sending picture on TEST mode, please make sure the signal is 3 bars or 4 bars




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