Digital Camera Imaging

- May 08, 2017-

1. Focusing on CCD or CMOS through lens light

2. CCD or CMOS converts light to electrical signals

3. Processed by the processor, recorded in the camera's memory

4. The image is formed by the electro-optic conversion of computer processing and display, or by printer printing. The specific process: light from the lens into the camera, CCD filter color, photosensitive (photoelectric conversion), according to a certain arrangement, the shooting object "decomposition" into a pixel point, these pixels are transferred to the "analog-to-digital converter" in the form of analog image signals, converted to a numeric signal, transferred to the image processor, processed into a real image, and then compressed into storage media.

For the film camera, the scenery reflected light through the lens convergence, on the film to form a latent shadow, the latent shadow is the light and film emulsion produce chemical reactions. The image is formed by developing and fixing the process.

Digital camera is the optical system to focus on imaging components CCD/CMOS, through a A/D converter each pixel glazing signal into digital signals, and then processed into digital images by DSP, storage medium.

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