Automatic tracking technology

- May 08, 2017-

The realization of automatic tracking technology is based on its unique function module, and the intelligent speed is composed of power mechanism, precise transmission device, camera and digital solution. The mechanical design structure compact, lightweight, positioning accuracy and high reliability, which makes the intelligent surveillance cameras can quickly and accurately automatic tracking, arbitrary positioning, and can be a full range of automatic cruise, to achieve real-blind surveillance.

In addition, the lens of the intelligent high speed Dome camera will generally choose a high-performance lens, the optical zoom rate is generally up to 20 times times more. This allows the camera to target the tracking of automatic zoom and focus, when the distance between the target and the camera changes, also can automatically adjust the focal length to ensure that the target object in the image of the appropriate proportions, when locking target objects, at the same time, to achieve high-clarity monitoring purposes.

However, due to the complexity of monitoring the environment, the light to meet the above requirements is not enough, in the process of tracking and monitoring, there will be a number of mobile objects, this is likely to cause the problem of inaccurate monitoring.

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